The phone unlocking widget allows you to sell phone unlocking services online on your website. It has a lot of functionalities including credit card processing, Paypal payments and the ability to create your own custom phone unlocking services. The phone unlocking Widget is a great addition to your site, especially since it's free. It will allow you to generate sales that your repair shop couldn't do before, as well as having a more complete site and experience for your customers. The phone unlocking Widget is also a great introduction to selling online if you aren't already doing it. It also provides a quick way for your customers to process the unlocking of their devices right on your site without having to call you, which ends up saving you time. 

Configuration guidelines

Login to your TechRepair account and navigate to the Apps & Plugins section, then select Unlock Widget. You can already see a live preview of your phone unlocking widget on the right.

Services Management

The easiest way to generate services for your phone unlock widget is to head to the mobile unlocks section under Services & Prices.

Configure the compatible brands and network for the services that you add, because otherwise it will not be mapped in your widget. You can modify the name, the short description, the pricing and delivery time of each service as well, or simply leave it by default. You can also create your own custom phone unlocking services.

Payment Methods configuration

To configure payment methods, head over to settings on the top right corner when clicking on your account icon. Then head to Payment providers. From here you can connect your Paypal account to start accepting payments with Paypal. You can also configure a Stripe account to allow Credit card paymentsTo get the Stripe API settings, Create your stripe account then go to

Visit this guide to learn how to get the Paypal settings needed from your Paypal account to configure the widget :

To have the widget appear on your site, you have to use the code snippet that we are providing to you at the bottom of the widget setting page. If you need any help with this step please contact us and we will help you.

Order Management

To manage your orders, head to the section Unlock IMEI Orders under Sales & Orders. Orders will be processed automatically in the appropriate service that you mapped. You can also click the down arrow to refund or force complete orders. If some customers also claim that they didn't receive the email with their order information, you can resend them the results by email.