Feature Overview

The Repair Estimator allows you to quote repairs and book appointments for your customers directly from your own website. You can specify the repair services that you are offering and set your prices. Save time and expand your reach with automated appointment booking. Streamline your business by having repairs booked in advance and making sure you have the parts required before the appointment with the customer. The installation and configuration for the online repair estimator is very simple to do and should take only a few minutes.

Configuration guidelines

Login to your TechRepair account and navigate to the repair estimator. You can already see a live preview of your repair estimator on the right.

Services Management

Click the Manage services button to start configuring the repair services you provide. Note that you can generate any number of repair estimators that you want, a good use case would be if you want to have different pricing for different areas of your website. You can create the services that you offer one by one or click the 3 dots besides the Search button and select "Import examples" to have all our default services pre-filled and from there you would only have to change the prices.

Site installation

Once you have configured all the services that you want, head back to the widget settings under the "Apps & Plugins" section. Below this section you will find the install on your website section. Copy the line of code required to put on your website. You need to make sure you copy the complete line of code otherwise it will not function properly.

Paste the line of code wherever you want to have the widget on your website. If you use wordpress, you can paste the line of code in a text block and you will be ready to go. 

Whenever someone books an appointment you will receive an email to the support email configured. 


When customers book appointments, they will appear on your appointments page.

Note : If you are unsure how to install the online repair estimator on your site, we strongly advise contacting us or your website administrator to have it installed, simply provide them with the line of code and the location where you want it installed and they should be able to do it for you without any specific instructions. If you need any assistance with this don’t hesitate to contact us it will be a pleasure to help !